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AC Repair Advice: Should I Turn off My AC if it is Not Cooling?

For those of us who live in Richmond Hill and the rest of Southern Georgia, our AC is always on our mind. Why? Because it’s hot enough to need our AC on in our homes nearly all year round. If your home’s AC isn’t cooling, you no doubt have plenty of questions. One of the first you’ll need to answer is whether or not you should shut the unit off while you wait for AC repair.

Should You Turn off Your AC if it is Not Cooling?

There’s few things worse in life than living in southern Georgia and realizing your home’s HVAC unit isn’t blowing out cold air. Without that cool air, it’s about to get really hot, really fast. You need to get work immediately fixing the issue. There are several reasons this may be happening. They range from the simple to fix, like needing a new air filter, to the more complicated, such as the possibility that your refrigerant levels are low. It’s possible that the evaporator coil is frozen. In fact, there are more than a handful of possible causes, which is why only a licensed, trained, and experienced HVAC technician will know for sure how to solve it.

The first thing you need to call is to call for AC repair, but then what? Should you turn off your unit? Yes! If your AC is still not cooling there is one more thing you need to do after you reach out to the team at JD Mohler for a service call. Turn it off! This is very important, which is why we always tell our customers to do so when their AC is not cooling properly. 

If the system is frozen, then there is nothing your HVAC technician can do to diagnose and correct the problem until the ice is thawed. This can take an additional hour or two of our time, or require us to reschedule the repair for another day to give the system time to thaw out naturally. Another problem occurs when an AC with a relatively simple problem is left to run, and that is the fact that stress on the AC causes a more serious failure. A blown capacitor is one of the most common AC repairs. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive AC repair. However, if the system is left running with a defective capacitor it creates a high temperature overload condition on the outdoor fan motor and compressor, and this becomes a much bigger (and costlier!) issue.

Richmond Hill AC Repair 

If you are still unsure about many things, know this: call for AC repair at the first sign of trouble! When your AC is not cooling, you need to bring in someone to perform routine maintenance as well as any AC repairs that might be needed. Do not delay in making this call; now is the time to contact JD Mohler and have a trained and trustworthy HVAC contractor come out to your house. Call now to schedule your service at (912) 445-2069!


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