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5 Questions to ask Your HVAC Contractor

Any work being done on your HVAC is a big deal. After all, this machine is what makes it healthy and comfortable to be inside your home. Whether you are getting an HVAC repair or a complete HVAC replacement, you’re going to want to know exactly what is going on and feel comfortable that all the work is done correctly and for a fair price. This means asking your HVAC contractor a few questions beforehand.

We’ve compiled a quick list for you so you know what to ask before the HVAC contractor begins work on your unit. Consider asking the following:

#1 What temperature should I set my thermostat on? It probably won’t come as a surprise that in order for your HVAC work to work for the long haul, you don’t want to try to make your home 60 degrees inside when it’s 100 degrees outside. Your HVAC contractor will offer recommendations on which temperature to set it on in order to keep the house comfortable without running up staggeringly-high electric bills. This will save money and possibly, a whole lot of stress!

#2 What do you think is wrong with my system? This is a good way to gauge how credible and trustworthy the HVAC contractor is. For instance, a reliable contractor will first ask you for details about your HVAC issues. They will also need to know the age of your unit. It is a red flag if someone tells you that you need a new unit without even seeing your current one!

#3 How do I choose a new air conditioner? If you are told that you need to replace your HVAC unit soon, ask the HVAC contractor for advice and guidelines to narrow down your choices. This is a big decision to make and represents a pretty significant financial investment.

#4 What are SEER ratings? You’ll want your HVAC contractor to explain SEER ratings before deciding if your old unit is past its prime and selecting a new model. You’re definitely going to want a full explanation of these important numbers and how they should factor into the unit you purchase. Your HVAC contractor can help you understand how SEER ratings fit into the big picture and your budget. 

#5 When should my next maintenance appointment be? You’re going to want to schedule at least two maintenance appointments per year, one in the spring before the heat of summer and one in the fall before you need to turn the heater on. If you have an older HVAC system, you might want it checked a little more frequently than a brand-new unit.

When you hire the HVAC Contractors at JD Mohler, we’ll be happy to answer all of these questions and more. Our team isn’t just experienced and knowledgeable, we’re also very friendly! We know this can be a stressful time for you, and we are here to make it as easy as possible. It’s just one way we show our dedication to our Richmond Hill community!


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