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Fall is here and the hot summer months are gone. We have pleasant weather right now, waking up to temperatures in the 60s and 70s during the morning and climbing to the 80s in the afternoon. This won’t last long, though. Cold weather is on its way! In Savannah, the months of December, January, and February see temperatures as low as the 30’s and 40s. You aren’t using it quite yet, but now is the perfect time to think about the heater in your home. This is because you want your heater to be maintained and repaired if needed before the cold weather actually arrives.

Now is a perfect time for JD Mohler Heating & Air Pros’ trained technicians to perform planned maintenance to make sure your HVAC equipment is working efficiently and for the long term. The better maintained, the more likely you’re going to get the appropriate life-cycle from the equipment. If not, it will deteriorate prematurely. That means extra bills for you, which isn’t something anyone wants. A little bit spent now means money saved later on!

Our area can be very cold during the winter months, even if it doesn’t snow. It is for this reason that having a working heater is so important for the health and happiness of your family. A regularly-scheduled preventative maintenance service ensures that your HVAC continues to perform at its best. You should have it looked at once a year just in case, even if it isn’t showing any signs of trouble. If it is acting strangely, that’s even more reason to have a professional come and look at it before it needs to work hard. If your heater is making strange noises, emitting an odd odor, or just plain not turning on, you need to call JD Mohler Heating & Air Pros as soon as possible. Our trained technicians are here to make sure that your heating system is fixed and working properly.

No one wants to fix a broken heater at Christmas time. Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that you aren’t forced to pay an expensive repair or replacement bill that puts you over budget. We’ll work with you for a service you can afford. Our team provides heating system repair, service, and maintenance performed with care. You won’t find a more dedicated team of heating experts anywhere else in Savannah or the surrounding area!

Waking up to a morning in the 40’s will be here before you know it. When the first seriously cold wind blows, you’ll know for sure you can turn on your home’s heater and everyone will be nice and toasty inside! When you’re ready to book your scheduled maintenance this fall, you can call us at (912) 445-2069 or send us a message by emailing and we will call you back.


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