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Learn Basic HVAC Terms

You know that Georgia is too hot to live in comfortably without air conditioning, so you also know you need your home’s air conditioning unit to work. If you are like many homeowners, this is all you know. You don’t know how it works or what a lot of those words the technician uses even means. Let’s do something about that right now! Too much of the technical jargon used in the heating and air conditioning business is not well known by homeowners trying to understand their needed repairs or why they need a new unit. Let’s define some of these often-used terms so you know exactly what is going on next time you have a technician in your home:

HVAC- You probably see this acronym a lot. It stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. It is the unit that keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Capacity- Your home needs a specific amount of air conditioning and heating to keep you and your family comfortable inside. Each HVAC unit produces a specific amount of heat and cooling. This is measured in BTU’s, which stands for British Thermal Units. The total capacity needed is determined by a Manual J Load calculation, which is detailed below.

Manual J Load calculation- This calculation uses details of your house to determine the capacity required. It isn’t just the square footage. How large your rooms are, how many windows you have, insulation in the walls and attic, and your home’s orientation to the sun are just some of what is taken into account.

Efficiency- This is a measurement of how much electricity or natural gas your HVAC system will use compared to another. When purchasing a new unit, you will want to keep its efficiency in mind, as a cheaper but less efficient system will not be less expensive over the course of the years you use it. Either SEER or AFUE is used to determine this.

SEER- This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Air conditioning systems use this term when comparing efficiency. The minimum SEER rating is currently 13. Systems with much higher ratings are available, though.

AFUE- Gas heating systems do not use SEER, but instead use another acronym known as AFUE. This stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The minimum furnace efficiency is currently 80%, but furnace AFUE ratings as high as 96% are available if you want to be as efficient as possible.

Homeowners in the Richmond Hill, GA area can call upon JD Mohler Heating & Air Pros for any and all HVAC issues. We will send an expert HVAC contractor to handle the scheduled maintenance, installation, and repair of your residential air conditioning and heating unit. We also do commercial work! As well, remember that we can fix poor indoor air quality; it isn’t just about being too hot or too cold.

JD Mohler Heating & Air Pros is locally owned and operated. We are authorized to service all brands of air conditioning and heating equipment. Excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee is always our goal. Call us today for Richmond Hill, GA HVAC repair service and experience the difference for yourself! We can be reached at (912) 445-2069.


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