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3 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

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What would happen if you never took your car in for an oil change? You’d end up on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle eventually! What would happen if you never went to the dentist for your six-month cleanings? You’d find yourself with tooth pain and cavities after a little while. You knew the answers to both of these! Clearly, you know the importance of regular maintenance in many areas of your life. Don’t forget another important one- HVAC maintenance!

Regular HVAC maintenance done by Savannah GA technicians provide the following benefits:


Your unit will last longer

The biggest reason to keep up with maintenance is that this goes a long way toward keeping your unit from breaking down prematurely. Even when going through trusted and reasonable professionals, a new HVAC unit is not cheap. Why set yourself up to buy a new one every 10 years instead of every 20?

It saves money in the long run

Too many people put off this kind of repair because they want to save money. In fact, it does the opposite! For one, a unit that hasn’t been maintained will have a hard time keeping up and you’ll begin to see much higher electric bills. Also, maintenance once a year is still less expensive than a major repair or the cost of a replacement.

It keeps you from being uncomfortable

Even if money is of no concern to you, being in a home without a working AC unit in the summer certainly is! Our area is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to be without a working unit. The best way to avoid a total breakdown is to keep it maintained. You’ll feel nice and comfortable every day of the year!

No one wants to buy a new HVAC unit before they should have needed to! Don’t let any more time go by without getting your HVAC unit the maintenance it needs to keep running the way the manufacturer intended. Contact JD Mohler Heating and Air Pros today by calling (912) 445-2069. If your unit is showing signs it needs a repair or has stopped working altogether, be sure to let us know this is an emergency!


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