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5 Ways To Find The Best HVAC Contractor For Your Home

If you’ve lived here in the Richmond Hill area for long, you don’t need to be told that the weather is getting warmer and it’s only going to get hotter from here. Spring is in full swing, and our hot Georgia summer is right behind it. If your HVAC is on the fritz right now, it’s only a matter of weeks or months before it’s fully in need of a repair. Now is the time to call upon a HVAC contractor, otherwise you may find yourself without air conditioning in the hottest part of the year. The question is- how?

Find a Richmond Hill HVAC Contractor

Finding not only a HVAC company, but also a good one isn’t as impossible as it may sound. Here are a few of our favorite tips to get you started:

Use Google to Find a Local Company

No one cares about you and your home quite like a neighbor. This is why we recommend your chosen HVAC contractor is from a locally-owned and operated small business. It’s simple to find a company like this. Head to the Google search bar and type in something like “HVAC repairman near me” or “Richmond Hill HVAC contractor.” This is a fantastic place to begin.

Ask Those You Trust

Ask people that you already know and trust to give you good advice, like coworkers, friends, neighbors, family, or anyone else who lives near you. You can even use social media groups to ask more broadly beyond your immediate social circle. Other local homeowners are likely able to recommend a reliable HVAC repair company in your area. Be sure to ask what kind of work was performed, in case your system or needs differ. This brings us to our next point…

Narrow Down Your Search

Now you have a list, but who’s the best? HVAC technicians have years of formal training in this specialized trade. Some are experts with residential air conditioning, while others might be best at massive HVAC units for commercial buildings. To know how to choose among them, you’ll have to narrow down the service you need. 

Check Their Online Reviews

Pay attention to the reviews and ratings! If someone is out there scamming homeowners or doing a poor job, you can bet their past customers will want to tell you that. Before you sign a contractor or pay any money, be sure to check online reviews. No one wows every customer, every time- but if there are many bad reviews there is definitely a nugget of truth there.

Call and Ask Questions

This doesn’t need to be extensive. A short list of questions you should ask before work starts or any money exchanges hands includes things like how long has the company been in service? A minimum of five years is recommended. Is the company licensed, bonded and insured? With a few simple questions answered, you can feel peace of mind that this is the right company to hire.

We feel confident that when you follow this advice, you’ll learn that the best team to call is JD Mohler!


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