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How to Avoid High AC Bills- Even in the Summer!

It’s summertime! If you’ve lived in Savannah for long, you know that means one thing- it’s hot outside. The sweltering weather isn’t going to let up for the next few months. That means many homeowners are dreading the next few electric bills. You just know it’s going to be incredibly high! If only there were a way to lower your monthly bill, without having to live in a house that is uncomfortably hot.

Actually, there may be a few things you can do. A summer electric bill is going to be higher than a month during the winter where you aren’t using your AC. This much is unavoidable. However, there are several easy things that will keep your bill from being astronomical. These include:

#1 Turn the thermostat a little higher when you’re leaving. There’s no reason to keep your home frigid if no one is there. You don’t want to mess with the thermostat constantly, but if you’re going to be gone all day long or even for a weekend trip away, it’s a good idea to set it a little warmer than you normally would. You want to come home to a comfortable environment, but an AC unit left running at full power will result in wasted money. For periods of time when the house is empty, adjust the temperatures toward the high end of the cooling scale, around 76 to 78 degrees. Don’t worry, when you come home and turn it down it will cool off pretty quickly.

#2 Avoid heat-inducing activities. Cooking, washing dishes, and putting your clothes in the dryer all generate a lot of heat into your home. You don’t need to go without using your oven all summer long, but scheduling these chores for the night time when it’s a bit cooler outside can help keep your home from getting too hot.

#3 Replace your air filters. An AC system working under optimal conditions doesn’t work hard. If yours is working hard, you’re going to see it in the form of a high electric bill! This may happen because your filters are clogged or blocked with dust, dirt, and other contaminants. The cleaner your filters and ducts, the easier it is for cool air to push through and keep you comfortable. Make a point to check your filters and change them if you notice they’re too dirty.

#4 Avoid turning the temperature down too low. It’s tempting to turn the thermostat down really far when you’re hot. This isn’t a good idea. For one thing, it’s going to be incredibly expensive to keep a home at 65 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. For another, your AC unit is going to have to work incredibly hard to even make this possible. That puts it at a higher risk to malfunction and possible even breakdown that requires AC repair. Think of your AC unit like a runner. Keeping your home at 75 degrees is a light job, something it can do well. Keeping your home at 65 degrees is like a marathon! It’s only a matter of time before it gets too tiring to keep going.

If you’re reading this list and realizing your AC either isn’t working the way it should or needs a little TLC, contact the AC technicians at JD Mohler. Call us at (912) 445-2069 and let us know your Savannah, GA AC unit needs to be looked at. We’ll be out soon!


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