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Air Conditioning Repair FAQs: Should I Fix my Air Conditioner Myself?

You notice your home is much hotter than it should be. Maybe your air conditioner isn’t turning on at all or perhaps it’s just struggling to keep the interior of your house at your desired temperature. Either way, you know you need air conditioning repair. Do you actually need to hire a professional technician though, or is this something you can do yourself?

Is This a DIY Project?

Here in Georgia, our air conditioning systems only get a few breaks throughout the year. All this hard work struggling against the sun and heat makes them more prone to experiencing repair needs. These issues can occur at any time, yet it feels as if they never come at a good time. Maybe you could give it a quick fix yourself then? When it comes to any and all air conditioning repair projects, the answer is almost always no. Almost all ac repairs require a professional HVAC technician. 

Even if making a repair call isn’t convenient right now, you cannot put this off. The modern air conditioning system is an intricate piece of mechanical equipment. You cannot learn all about it by watching a few YouTube videos; it takes years of training as well as specialized tools to handle even the most basic repairs. Some of the most common repair jobs are things like replacing a motor or sealing a refrigerant leak. These aren’t easy to do. Something that is simple for a trained and experienced technician, like recharging lost refrigerant, is out of reach for amateur workers and homeowners looking for a DIY task. Even correctly diagnosing an issue to know what needs to be fixed is tricky. It’s simply not going to be feasible.

Contact JD Mohler for a Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Richmond Hill, GA

The short answer to your questions is that you shouldn’t attempt any do-it-yourself fixes with your home’s air conditioner. An air conditioning repair is simply too important to mess up, yet it’s incredibly complicated and therefore easy for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to make a mistake.

You don’t need to take this risk! JD Mohler is here for the Richmond Hill community. We can quickly diagnose the issue, and then fix it. We feel confident enough to say this, because our owner is on-site for every job! Joshua Mohler is an expert in the service, installation, and repair of residential air conditioning and heating units. He is NATE certified and holds an EPA certification. Mohler personally guarantees that whatever service is performed, or product is installed, it will be done in a timely and excellent manner. Go ahead and make the call now!


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