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My AC Won’t Turn On: 3 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips

There are few worse feelings than realizing in the heat of summer that your air conditioner isn’t working. You need help, and you need it fast. Here in Georgia, having a well-functioning AC is not a luxury. You, your family, and your pets need it in order to be healthy. Rather than risk everyone’s health and happiness by being in a home without cool air, follow a few troubleshooting tips:

#1 Don’t skip over the basics.

It’s hot and you’re worried and frustrated. Because you’re panicking, you may accidentally skip over looking at a few of the basics. Something very simple might be causing the problem. First, you should check the circuit breaker to see if an electrical problem is causing the issue. Make sure everything is plugged in properly. Sometimes, “fixing” your air conditioner is as simple as flipping the switch on the circuit breaker or plugging it back in when the plug falls out! You should also check your thermostat. Have you changed your air filter in the last three months? While these may sound like very basic tips, these can be easy factors to overlook when your AC isn’t turning on, you don’t know why, and you’re upset.

#2 Check the evaporator coils.

Keeping your evaporator coils clean is an important maintenance task. Skipping over it may mean your air conditioner isn’t pumping out cold air the way you need it to. This is why it is recommended to check them if your AC unit isn’t turning on. If they’re dirty, there’s a good chance that’s the reason you have a problem. Clean them off, or call a HVAC technician to do the job professionally.

#3 Empty the drain pan.

Your AC’s drain pan is usually located below the indoor section of your AC unit and should be either empty or close to it. Sometimes it becomes full and this is a problem. When this happens, it might trigger a float switch. This will keep your AC from turning on, which is the opposite of what you want right now during the summer heat. Empty the drain pan and see if there’s any type of debris of clog that’s stopping it from draining on its own.

You rely on your AC system to keep you cool and comfortable. Especially in the Savannah, GA area, where temperatures can get quite high during the summer months. Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips helped you solve the issue. If not, JD Mohler is here to solve the issue once and for all! We will come to your house at any time and on any day. When your air conditioner isn’t working, it’s a true emergency. You can contact us for an AC repair by calling (912) 445-2069. Your emergency is our emergency! We know that in the Savannah area, you can not wait. We’ll make sure your air conditioner is up and working as quickly as possible.


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