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3 Reasons Why Your AC is not Blowing Cold Air

There’s few things worse in life than living in southern Georgia and realizing your home’s AC isn’t blowing out cold air. Without that cool air, it’s about to get really hot, really fast. You need to get work immediately fixing the issue. This isn’t just about comfort, after all. For young children, senior citizens, and people with certain health conditions, being in a too-hot house is extremely dangerous. Our temperatures regularly reach into the high 90’s and 100’s. Let’s get to work figuring out why your AC isn’t blowing cold air right away!

#1 Your air filter is dirty

When your air filter gets too dirty, the airflow in your home gets restricted. If this occurs, you may not feel any air come through the vents if your AC unit is on. Fortunately, this is a simple fix. Change your air filter! Be sure you have the right dimensions. Otherwise, the new filter won’t fit, and your cooling issues will still exist. You’ll know what size to choose by looking at the dimensions on the current filter. If you can’t find it or don’t know what you’re looking for, you can see what the recommended size is according to your HVAC system manufacturer by looking at your owner’s manual.

#2 The unit outside is clogged and/or dirty

The outside unit is also called the condenser and it is one of the most important parts of your entire HVAC system. This is because it’s designed to dissipate heat that’s extracted from inside your home via the evaporator, the inside portion of the HVAC unit. When this outside unit gets blocked up with something, however, cool air has a hard time making its way back inside. Check the outside unit on a regular basis for dirt, debris, animal nests, trash, and leaves. If any of these are present, you need to remove them from the area.

After this cleaning job is complete, take proactive measures of keeping your outside unit clean in the future. Set up a small wooden fence to provide the condenser with extra protection from the elements. You can also make it a regular chore to go out there and check on it. Of course, this type of cleaning is included in the annual HVAC maintenance you should be getting.

#3 Your refrigerant levels are low

You’ll know if your refrigerant is low when warm air blows through your vents or when your energy bills are higher than they should be one month. Addressing low refrigerant is not something you can perform on your own; it’s precise and potentially dangerous. Contact a licensed HVAC technician right away, as this professional will know how to do the job safely and quickly. They’ll ensure your HVAC system is adequately charged and check for refrigerant leaks if the levels keep getting low on a regular basis. 

Although Georgia is a beautiful place to live, the heat can be downright uncomfortable this time of year. As soon as you realize you’re having AC trouble, call the expert professional HVAC technicians at JD Mohler Heating & Air Pros. We can be reached by calling (912) 445-2069. Your emergency and now our emergency!


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